The iPhone 13 is rumored to feature a ‘thinner’ design, and the overall design remains unchanged

The iPhone 13 is rumored to feature a 'thinner' design, and the overall design remains unchanged

Apple is expected to continue offering four Iphone Options in 2021, with IPhone 13 To be identical in design with IPhone 12 With some changes, according to a new report today from a Japanese website Mac Utacara That cites sources within the Chinese supply chain.

The height and width of the four “iPhone” models is expected to remain the same, but it could be 0.26 mm thick.

On all وحدةiPhone 13‌ models, the rear camera unit is expected to increase by 0.9mm, and Apple will switch to a “sapphire glass all-unit camera module” design. The lenses are expected to stand out less in a design that closely resembles the 2020 design iPad Pro, Which has a thicker camera bump but is less prominent when it comes to lens design.

Mac Utacara TheiPhone 13‌ Pro is believed to feature optical image stabilization by switching the sensor, a feature that Apple has included in IPhone 12 Pro Max.

As for the front of the iPhone 13‌, the site suggests that the TrueDepth camera “got narrower” because the receiver on top of the screen will move to the edge of the case. This indicates that the notch on the next generation iPhone ‌ might be slightly thinner.

This is the second time we’ve done I heard rumors Of the thinner or superficial notch, so it is possible that 2021 iPhone models have a notch of the same length but not the same length.

Other rumors about the iPhone 13‌ suggested that we might see some models get LTPO OLED displays with support for 120Hz refresh dates, and there will of course be a faster A15 chip. We have more than what to expect from the iPhone 13 In our custom report.

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